CPD23 Thing 2: Exploring other blogs

My approach to Thing 2 in the CPD23 programme has been somewhat disorganised. It’s been a busy week and I knew even before it started that it would be difficult to fit in the activities, but I wanted to make sure that I got on board with the blogging from the beginning – no excuses, right? So, I looked at several blogs with no particular strategy, just going form one to another, following a trail of links and comments. I started by reading posts from established bloggers that I had been following already. It was interesting to see their perspective and what they each wanted to get out of CPD23. I also found some good advice about keeping blogs and finding ‘your blogging voice’. It sounds like there is no standard practice. Some people like to blog in depth. Others prefer to write short posts commenting on current happenings. Some blogs are stricly professional, others more personal. And while some people write carefully researched and thought out articles, with clear goals in their minds, others prefer a stream of consciousness approach. There is no right or wrong as far as I can see, it all depends on what suits you and your circumstances. But despite the diversity, all experienced bloggers seem to agree in one thing: You have to keep at it to make it work.

I also looked at posts by some new bloggers and by those that, like me, have had some experience with on and off blogging. We seem to be in a the majority and a common reason for participation in CPD23 is the incentive to get on with blogging.

I would have liked to spend more time commenting on posts. While reading, I found several things certainly worth a reply, but I only managed to leave a handful of comments. Like I said, it has been a busy week but I’m also aware that unless something requires an immediate reponse, I tend to go “I’ll do that later”, which too often means “never”. This is also something I hope to work on as part of the CPD23 programme. Wish me luck! 🙂






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